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Montgomery Town Council - Covid-19 response (last updated 14th June 2021)


A new variant of the virus that spreads more easily is now circulating everywhere in Wales.
You Must:

Not meet other households indoors.

Self-isolate and get a test if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

Follow the restrictions during our gradual move out of lockdown.

Wear a face covering where required

Wash your hands regularly

Stay 2 metres from anyone you do not live with

If you have symptoms get a test.

As rules start to relax the guidance is slowley changing, for the latest information on recent changes, please click on the Find out more link below


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Montgomery Town Council

The Town Council will consider at their online meeting in May whether in-person meetings might resume from June. 

Town Council meetings will take place online. Council meetings are listed on the "what's on" page of this website and agendas placed on the Council page; members of the public wishing to view a meeting can contact the Clerk to arrange this in advance by emailing townclerk@montgomery-wales.uk (before 10am on the day of a meeting at the latest).


What's On Calendar

Most face-to-face events are cancelled at this time. Montgomery Market is taking place each Thursday, with food stalls only during alert level 4. Events, including those taking place online, are listed on the "What's on" page but you are recommended to contact the organisers to confirm details as circumstances may change. Please let the community news team know of any updates or events not listed on the page using the contact form on there.


Town Hall Bookings

The Town Hall is currently closed except for market use. Bookings can still be made on this booking system but the Town Council is unable to say when the Hall will re-open, so all bookings are made at risk. Queries can be addressed to the Clerk whose contact details are displayed on the booking page.


Coffee Mornings

The calendar of Saturday coffee morning bookings for the year made by the Clerk during the autumn remains in place. Coffee mornings can't take place at the current time due to government restrictions and the closure of the Town Hall, but these will restart when the situation and policy allows them to do so safely, and will follow the original bookings. The Clerk does not have contact details for each group that have booked so they won't be contacted individually. Queries can be addressed to the Clerk.


Montgomery Library

As many of you know, the Library/Institute is routinely used as a polling station and is due to be so again this May 6th.

This time, however, we will be using this main library room, so that a one-way system can be employed and social distancing applied, in line with Covid restriction requirements.

Whilst libraries are now permitted to open, we have chosen to leave it closed until after the election. This way, the room can be cleaned and prepared and kept as virus-free as possible ready for voting.

Apologies to all those waiting to borrow books.

Lesley Williams Library Co-ordinator


Outdoor Spaces

Montgomery Town Council reopened the two play parks in the town on 8th August. Some of the equipment has been temporarily put out of action to help with social distancing. Please take note of all information and instructions both on the gates and on individual equipment, as well as following general precautions and advice in relation to supervision, hygiene etc.


Montgomery Castle

Montgomery Castle reopened on 27th March and the provisional daily hours are 10am to 4pm


Notifications & updates will be listed here, through the Crier and on the Town's facebook page.


Public Toilets

Montgomery’s public conveniences, located behind the Town Hall, are currently open from 8am to 6pm daily (closing time may vary slightly according to keyholder availability). Toilet opening hours and arrangements are reviewed by the Town Council at each monthly meeting

The Town Council has carried out a full risk assessment and completed all the recommendations issued by the Welsh government, including some special cleaning and other measures, and alternate cubicles being put out of action to ensure social distancing can be maintained. When the toilets are open, please follow the information and instructions on signs to ensure social distancing and safety, as well as following general precautions and advice in relation to covid-19.

If you have any queries with the above, please contact us.


Neighbourhood Angels stand down

With restrictions easing and life looking more normal, the decision has been taken to stand down the Montgomery Neighbourhood Angels, set up at the beginning of the pandemic to coordinate community support in and around Montgomery. The scheme will be formally closed in June, and the plan is to transfer remaining funds to the Montgomery Welfare Fund.


County Cllr Stephen Hayes, who initiated the scheme, along with Cerys Thomas and Claire Weston from the Community News Team, said, “If COVID should come back for a third wave, we’re confident that we have a resilient, caring community which will look out for neighbours. Meanwhile, it seems only fair to let our wonderful Angels and their support team lay down their responsibilities.”


He added, “We owe our thanks to each and every one for stepping up so promptly and enthusiastically when the need arose, and getting on with the job. Along the way we solved problems like how to conduct COVID-safe money transactions, new friendships were established across the generations, and some Angels experienced for the first time the feel-good boost of volunteering.”

The scheme was supported by PAVO and Montgomery Town Council, and “Angels” have been invited to a small thank-you event on Sunday the 13th of June.